Top 4 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

While it might be an easy fit to develop your passion into an earning business, putting the same passion into creating an online presence is quite a different story.

With the rapid increase in digital marketing and engagement, one has to pay extra attention while building a strong social media presence. An engaging presence enables you to sell to your audience without needing a face-to-face discussion.

We’ve gathered the top four tips to keep in mind and to use as a guide, while handling your social media posts, as well as grow your audience with no stress.  The best part is, if you play all your cards right, you get to keep them as paying customers!!

Identify your social audience

This is without any surprise, the most important aspect for your social media growth and engagement.  Knowing and identifying your audience is necessary to avoid posting your business content to an audience that consider it irrelevant or useless. Your audience helps set the tone and emotion for your work online.

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Let’s say, your brand is fashion-oriented. Your audience will be relying on you to know which style or fashion trend they appreciate more and which they like less. They may even look to you for inspiration on what is currently trending in the industry. This also saves you the stress of making your content bulky and boring but rather, engaging, simple and exciting.

Create great visuals

Like the saying goes, “The eyes are the gateway to the heart”. Everyone loves a beautiful picture or view. Why not use this to your advantage? Your visuals should make your audience pause while scrolling through your content your goal is to make it worth their time. To do this, 80% of your content should inform, educate or entertain your audience and 20% to promote the services of your brand or products.

The colour of your visuals should also have a balance with the idea of what you’re trying to sell. For example, Red, what comes to mind when you think of it? Love, Feminine, Sexy, Intrigue, Bold. Would the Victoria Secret brand associate easily with this colour? Yes, they will!!

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Always respond to customers

Now, each potential customer is equivalent to an extra dollar in your profit turnover. Take each customer very seriously from those making inquiries about your services to those paying for your services. It is important that your customers feel comfortable with expressing themselves to you. Place it as a priority to respond to their questions or any complaints they have towards your services and try to improve on them. This would enable them to give your business positive testimonials and reviews which in turn will improve your brand image and revenue.

Have a committed social media schedule

It is important that you plan your work and work according to your plan. Most small businesses view having a schedule as irrelevant and unnecessary, but this is a key factor to your growth on social media platforms. Having an organised social schedule help you know what to post, when to post, and how to post it. Constant repetition of the same content becomes boring over time when the goal is for it to be interesting and engaging.  A social media schedule also helps you organise your days for taking customers orders generally enables your brand to have the consistency that attracts paying customers.

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