A Must Read; The 3 Course Meal To Boosting Your Brand Online

Imagine making ten dollars off every single person that comes online, that is definitely a lifetime’s amount of money and honestly, you can’t possibly spend all of it if you tried.  I’m sure the question running through your mind is “How in the world is that possible?!!”  Brace yourself cause I’m about to educate you on how to boost your brand online. Welcome to the top three-course meal edition!

The Niche Appetizers

The goal of every appetizer is to stimulate your taste buds as well as build your anticipation for the main course meal. Knowing and identifying your niche, helps your clients know what to expect from your brand. Every niche is carved with the main purpose of selling your idea even before your customers get to interact with you. The beauty of a niche is that it gives you a presence most customers would not be able to identify you with if they just searched for your brand online, so, like an appetizer, your niche gives them a snippet of what you can offer and promises more from your brand.

Spice Your Social Media Page

Have you ever wondered how many people are connecting online every second of every day? A recent study showed that every hour the number of persons online increases at an astonishing rate. Social media isn’t just a tool to get gain exposure, it has become a necessary time investment for every business to make. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, should be your selling point with detailed explanations and graphics related to the product and services of your brand. Networking on LinkedIn is another form, this can be used both on a personal and company level to help create an online presence.

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A Juicy Blog

A blog helps you connect with your customers as it gives them not only the cover page of your brand but also the whole concept and vision of your brand. It also serves as a means to provide information that would be relevant to them which in turn would build the trust and engagement level of your brand. Frequent updating of your blog will enlighten your audience of the journey to your brand success. This will help your customers relate to the goals and visions of your brand and in extension enable upcoming entrepreneurs build their brand with yours as a guideline.

Delicious Website

This aspect plays a role in about 65% of your brand success. Your website is a major representation of your brand and should be accessible at all times. Your website should be easy to use, easy to find and packed with useful information for your current and potential clients. With the aid of SEOs (Search Engine Optimization), your clients would be able to locate your services or product easily. Also, ensure to ask your website visitors if they enjoy the pop-ups and when they don’t, adhere to their choice. Furthermore, legions of satisfied customers are considerably more influential than even the best-written sales copy. Make sure you include positive testimonials and reviews from your brand users, as your potential clients will trust the credibility of your website based on previous feedback and reviews on your website.

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A Side Dish Of Press Release

Every side dish goes hand-in-hand with the main course. Therefore, for your website to have the visibility you hope for, press release is a crucial ingredient that should not be ignored. They’re a powerful media tool to use to help generate publicity, and having free distribution of them is a bonus. They help create a sense of urgency to persuade prospects to visit your website and also patronize your brand. Therefore, every time your brand does something newsworthy, don’t hesitate to shoot off a press release as this would help boost the number of searches for your website.

Google Dessert

Almost all of your customers and potential clients make use of google search, so it is important you register your business with Google Places. This will help your customers find your brand, your location and your services in one search. Google Ads will help you reach your target audience and when your customers realize that when they click on your ad, they are taken to the specific page showing your product and services it will increase the number of interests in your brand.

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