Acquire And Get Certified With A High Income And In-demand Digital Marketing skill.

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Start Generating Leads, Sales, Impact and Traffic on autopilot

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Do you still sit at your shop complaining of no or low sales?

Are you among those who still believe you need to have a shop or big money to start a business?

Are you looking for a high income and in-demand skill to learn in 2022

Here are five ways you can start making money as a Facebook Ad Expert.

Use it to promote your product or services and multiply your sales and generate leads quickly. Unlike traditionally advertising, it’s cheap, targeted, determined and easy to set up, of course after you have learn the skill and equipped yourself the strategies that makes for effective ads.

Use it to help other businesses and brands promote their product or services and charge them. You can start your own social media advertising agency. Like I said, this skill is in demand because every business need sales and so, if you learn this skill, then its bye bye to bring broke.

Just as you are being trained, you can train others too whether online or offline. I will equipped you with all the skills, systems and strategies required to do this.

You can also, Record the process and convert it into a video course and sell.

A lot of companies are in need of this skill but funny enough there are alot of graduates out there still jumping around with their certificate all to no avail. While there are opportunities sitting and waiting for them in digital marketing. So you can acquired this skill and get a job as a social media advertiser for a company.

Prince Olumba Ekpo


POE is an IT & Marketing Guru resident in Los Angeles, USA. He seeks to revolutionize the IT industry, by cheering solutions to IT-related issues and create a connection with the notable people in the industry, creating great opportunities for teeming unemployed across the world.


Normally my Facebook/Instagram course alone is sold for N10,000. And over 1000 persons have purchase it. This is outside of the many trainings have conducted for thousands both online and offline in currently 6 states of the federation. We have 7 years experience, 2000+ customer base and over ten of thousands of ads executed. I’m a certified paid traffic expert by Google and Facebook. So we are pros in this so you will be learning from the best hand. Over the pass years our company has help many generate millions for themselves, business and brands.

Our clients includes; Bible Playground, chicken republic, Sweecon Skilled Workers, Access Admission Consult, trackplus and 950+ others

This is exactly the kind of results you will be getting after this training.


 How to run a high converting Facebook/Instagram Ads directly to your WhatsApp using your phone or laptop.

 How to choose the right marketing campaign for your ad and rightly target the right audience to avoid wasting money.

 UI/UX Design (Graphics and mobile App design)

 How to keep your ad account and page from been disabled or restricted and how to unblock your restricted ad account and page.

 How to set up your Google business account so that your business and brand get discovered on Google search and maps on one click.

 How to build a strong customer base online who will be loyal to your brand through patronage and referrals.

 How to build high converting sales pages also know as landing page and website

 How you can use cheap social proofs to gain more paying clients

 Steps to follow to write a bad-ass sales/ad copy that makes your Ad inescapable and irresistible.

 How to set up a Facebook messenger chatbot (autoresponder) when you are absence or too busy to reply. It’s a platform that enables you save up people’s Facebook details so you can send them Message in bulk (one click) on messenger.

 How you can turn your post reactions (likes, love, etc.) to followers and then to paying clients.

Online marketing and sales strategies and lot more

It is estimated that as of the first quarter of 2021, Facebook had over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide, and Instagram 1 billion.

In 2021, there are approximately 1.86 billion YouTube users worldwide and there are over 2 trillion Google requests per day in 2021, but Internet Live Stats, an excellent source for making assumptions, claims around 5.5 billion searches done on Google per day or over 63,000 search queries done per second.

That’s to say, almost everyone and businesses is online.

Imagine advertising your business or brand in such a platform

Now while you are sitting at your shop or office or home complaining about, no money, no shop, no sales, no clients etc., they are right at your finger tips. On your phone.

All you need is the knowledge, the skill and strategies to convert that your phone or laptop into an office, a machine and start generating leads, sales, impact and traffic on autopilot , and start making the money you want and living the life you deserve.